The short answer?
Twice a year.

Why does a piano's pitch change? 

Piano strings change pitch for two primary reasons: the initial stretching and settling of strings when the piano is new, and soundboard movement due to humidity variation. In the case of new pianos, the...

Technicians use many different terms for this process: Double or Triple Tuning, Tension Adjustment and Pitch Raise all mean the same thing, and that is this:

Your piano is designed to sound its best when tuned to A-440 (when the A above middle C vibrates 440 times per...

As a conscientious piano owner, you probably have your piano tuned regularly by a qualified technician. You may, however, notice a deterioration of its performance despite regular tuning. It's important to note that tuning is only the adjustment of the system of string...

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March 27, 2019

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