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Hi Folks!
You want to know who's coming to your home, right?

I am a graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, taught for years at the Boston Conservatory, and have worked continuously as a performer, composer, and conductor.

In 2005, I moved to Las Vegas to play piano on The Strip. My shows here have included Disney's The Lion King, The Venetian's Phantom...  and Ka by Cirque du Soleil.  

Recent Tuning clients include Nevada School of the ArtsThe Liberace Mansion, and Clark County School District.  I have also done concert tunings for  Bob Dylan and John Legend.

Please Scroll down for some 

At the moment, I am not doing structural or finish repairs (like broken legs or polyester scratches) but would be happy to recommend someone if you need those services. I do all internal repairs.

Please note: I do not repair electronic keyboards or digital pianos. 


Jay worked on my personal piano for my recent charity function. As a concert pianist and a producer of music events, I take great stock in a piano technician like Jay, especially one with his type of musical background. I’m very glad he is here to service the pianos in our community.

Dr. Alexandria Le
D.M.A. / Yamaha Artist / Director of Notes with a Purpose


The piano sounds fantastic! Great job!

Ryan Ahern


"Jay is seriously the best! He made our piano sing in ways we have never experienced. He is detail oriented and a positive perfectionist... plus he is so nice and professional. Justin and I are so pleased!"

Rachel & Justin Lieberknecht


I had my childhood piano tuned yesterday (a long time coming situation from the 80's). We had such a great experience with Jay, who showed us what this little Kawai can do! Highly recommend this company!

Amy Hatchquet


Thank you for the wonderful tuning job you did on my piano! I really thought I had wasted my money on a bad piano, but your tuning made it sound like it's worth a million bucks! I hope you don't plan on leaving the area soon, because I don't ever want anyone to tune my Hamilton except you!

Barbara Nelson


Jay made our antique upright grand sound amazing! You cannot find a more professional and knowledgeable expert here in the Vegas valley!

Jennifer & Eric Price

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