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Piano Tuning


This Full-Service rate covers more than 95
% of the pianos that I see and includes many of the minor adjustments that I frequently find at a first visit.

The appointment may last between two and three hours.


Don't get nickel-and-dimed. Be sure to check out my blog on Hidden Tuning Fees and The Most Important thing you need to know when hiring a Tuner.

Of course, if the piano is extremely out of tune or requires larger repairs, there may be additional fees.


Piano Regulation

This includes all work done to improve the touch and feel of the instrument. 

No Regulation work will be done without first consulting the piano owner.

Rate varies depending on the needs of the piano.

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Piano Repair

Please note: I do not work on player systems or electronics, nor do I do structural or external finish repair (broken legs, polyester scratches, etc).

For all other repairs, please contact Jay

for a consultation


Non-Standard Tuning

If your piano was built prior to the 1890's - Square Grands, Pianofortes, English Over-Dampers ("Birdcage" Pianos), and other rare Instruments require a special touch, special tools,  and a lot more time to tune.

Service prices for these instruments start at $300 and depend on the difficulty of the job. Please contact us for an estimate on your unusual piano.

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