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What About 432?

Yes, I can tune your piano so that the A above Middle C is 432, rather than the standard 440. But you're probably not going to like it. I firmly believe that a piano owner should have complete say over how their instrument is tuned - even if it is somewhat unusual. Some people feel that tuning instruments very slightly - but very specifically lower, causes the music played to have more of a positive or even "healing" vibration. But your piano was designed to sound it's best when tuned to the factory standard A440. Also, our modern tuning system - called "Equal Temperament" makes it so that none of the relationships between notes is mathematically "pure" - which is one of the other goals of 432 tuning. It is a very complex topic, but suffice it to say that you can not have a mathematically "pure" tuning, and still be able to play in all keys. Trust me on this. So, tuning your piano slightly lower does not give you a more pure tuning. It' is simply... lower. And the strings will not resonate with the brilliance that they do when they are at their intended tension. Additionally, the piano will not be in tune with other instruments or recordings (unless you retune them as well). So, yes I can and will tune your piano to 432 if you wish. There is a $75 additional fee for the pitch-lowering process. When you want it put back to 440 (and you will) - there will be another $75 String Tension Adjustment to bring it back up. As long as you're okay with this, let's do it!

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